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Beginner’s Yoga is Our Specialty.

Yoga has become a necessity for us busy people in this stressful world full of distractions and “stuff”, which keeps you from being active, moving and breathing. Often, yoga is all you need to feel great, focused, get fit and stay fit. You may even notice improvement in your mood, various health issues and relationships with others.

Don’t be afraid to start, because that will be the most challenging part!


Back in Action!

Do you experience back pain, sciatica, or wake up with stiffness in the back? We have a workshop for you! This 3-hour workshop led by Margie Terrell, e-RYT, will address some of the many "root causes" of the back pain and stiffness. You will learn some movements that...

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Yoga for Osteoporosis/Osteopenia

Dem Bones Workshop with Margie Terrell, e-RYT Osteoporosis often occurs without warning. Weakened bones can potentially result in fractures. This workshop provides an overview of osteoporosis/osteopenia and how specific yoga poses can counteract thinning bones without...

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Balanced Bliss Workshop

Are you feeling disconnected from your body? This workshop is for YOU! In this multi-sensory workshop, participants will learn and experience Essential Oils to stimulate brain connection to body Music designed to waken specific areas of the body Affirmations to set...

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Sacred Sound Gong Meditation

Join us on a Sacred Sound Journey GONG Meditation at Grateful Yoga! Please note: this is NOT a yoga class 🙂 ***Due to popular demand on 3/4, 3 more classes have been added this year!  See how easy DEEP relaxation can be, just lay back and breathe... Releasing that...

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